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Just a little about me.

Hello and welcome to my new updated website, launched July 2016.


Born in the Black Country, it wasn't very long before my Dad picked up a pencil and showed me how to draw a horse. He's not an artist, but to me, at around 2 years of age, he may well have been because I remember thinking the picture was fantastic!! From then on I was hooked on art. In my mid teenage years (still at school) I had my first 'five minutes of stardome' when a local newspaper featured me (in the middle pages, dratt!) exhibiting some of my oil paintings with my bedroom being my studio. Funnily enough, I never wanted to be an artist but prefered a more technical profession as a draftsman, which I persued for some years after leaving further education.


During the journey of my working life my career changed several times, and infact, my technical drawing days ceased some 20 years ago but I never gave up my hobby - Oil Painting.


On and off, I have painted several oil paintings over the years and have never really had any attraction to using any other art medium. I have never been to art college or university so I am completely self taught- not sure if that's good or bad !?



So now, at nearly... ok over 50 years of age, I finally decided to put a few of my works onto my new website.


I have only recently moved from the village of Neenton, between Bridgnorth and Ludlow. With being a Shropshire artist a lot of my paintings are of local landscapes however I also paint seascapes and winter scenes when I get the opportunity.

lady paddling at woolacombe beach (small)
snowy night in neenton (small)

Paul Padmore Art

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